Neighbourhood Plan

Since 2016, people in Hickling and Hickling Pastures have developed a Neighbourhood Plan setting out a shared vision for the place where they live and work. The Plan describes where people think new houses and businesses should be located and what they should look like. It also identifies important local green spaces and areas of nature conservation for protection, as well as how we conserve local heritage.

March 2022: Hickling Neighbourhood Plan adopted

The Hickling Parish Neighbourhood Plan Referendum took place on Thursday 3 March 2022. Thank you to everyone who voted.

149 people (66.2%) cast their vote in favour of a YES. In accordance with the Regulations and the Borough Council’s decision of 3 March 2022 the Hickling Parish Neighbourhood Plan is ‘made’ and now forms part of the Development Plan for Rushcliffe Borough.

The Hickling Neighbourhood Plan was adopted on 4 March 2022. Decisions on planning applications in the parish have to be made in accordance with both the Neighbourhood Plan and the Rushcliffe Local Plan (unless material considerations indicate otherwise).

February 2022: Referendum on the Hickling Neighbourhood Plan

It is now time to have your say on whether Rushcliffe Borough Council use the Hickling Neighbourhood Plan to determine planning applications in our community.

Since 2016, people in Hickling and Hickling Pastures have developed a Neighbourhood Plan setting out a shared vision for the place where we live and work. The Plan describes where people think new houses and businesses should be located and what they should look like. It also identifies important local green spaces and areas of nature conservation for protection, as well as how we conserve local heritage.

On Thursday 3 March 2022, you can vote in a referendum organised by Rushcliffe Borough Council. You will be asked to vote YES or NO to the following question: Do you want Rushcliffe Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Hickling to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

The Plan is approved and adopted by Rushcliffe Borough Council if voted for by a simple majority.

How has the Hickling Neighbourhood Plan been developed?

The Hickling Neighbourhood Plan has been in development since Autumn 2016. During that time extensive engagement and consultation has taken place with parishioners, including surveys, questionnaires and direct engagement at local events. This feedback has directly shaped the Plan.

The Hickling Neighbourhood Plan has been developed from extensive public consultation and is designed to offer greater protection to our Parish, focused on sympathetic development in accordance with the housing needs identified in the Plan. A statutory plan would be used to determine planning applications in the Parish, with the help of carefully designed policies contained in the Plan – as summarised below:

  • Policies 1 and 2 will give greater protection to the outer curtilage of our village, protecting open countryside and safeguarding important views.
  • Policy 3 will seek to maintain the tranquillity that we all currently enjoy.
  • Policy 4 promotes green energy with sensitive development.
  • Policy 5 protects ecological features and habitats and promotes biodiversity.
  • Policy 6 offers greater protection to established hedgerows and trees.
  • Policy 7 protects eight local green spaces that have been identified as valued by the local community.
  • Policy 8 conserves features of local heritage interest – there are 30 non-designated heritage assets in the Plan.
  • Policy 9 provides guidance to ensure that all new development reflects the distinctive character of Hickling and Hickling Pastures, providing a higher level of protection than the already established Conservation Area status.
  • Policy 10 sets out a limit to development around the village and gives consideration to the settlement of Hickling Pastures to protect against unwanted development.
  • Policy 11 supports housing development on the brownfield area at AE Faulks, The Wharf, Main Street, subject to planning permission. After extensive consultation the area was not offered for allocation in the Plan and therefore would be subject to the established Planning Authority approvals process.
  • Policies 12 and 13 outline the conditions for supporting the sympathetic development and residential conversion of existing rural buildings and the replacement of existing dwellings beyond the Hickling Limits to Development.
  • Policy 14 ensures that developers of new dwellings demonstrate how their proposals will meet the housing needs of older households and/or the need for smaller, affordable homes for sale or rent. It sets out the housing mix which will be supported in the Parish.
  • Policy 15 protects community services and facilities, specifically The Plough Inn and Hickling Village Hall.
  • Policy 16 details the circumstances where the re-use of rural buildings for business use will be supported.
  • Policy 17 supports the provision of rural worker accommodation and sets out the criteria for development.
  • Policy 18 supports the restoration and preservation of the Grantham Canal and seeks to preserve the quiet, recreational enjoyment and the ecological importance of the canal and Hickling basin.

If approved, the Hickling Neighbourhood Plan will be used by Rushcliffe Borough Council to check whether any proposed development is in accordance with the policies that our community has shaped.

Where can I see a copy of the Hickling Neighbourhood Plan?

You can read the full Hickling Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents here. Paper copies are also available in the telephone box on Main Street and at the Rushcliffe Customer Service Centre in West Bridgford. The specified documents are:

How do I vote?

Voting will take place on Thursday 3 March 2022 from 7am – 10pm at Hickling Village Hall. You will be given the voting card when you attend to vote.

March 2021

Consultation on the Submission version of the Hickling Neighbourhood Plan


Hickling Parish Council has submitted the draft Hickling Neighbourhood Plan to Rushcliffe Borough Council in accordance with regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended).


The Hickling Neighbourhood Plan contains local objectives and planning policies, including a design guide, which the Borough Council will use alongside the Local Plan when considering planning applications within the parish. The Borough Council is required to publicise the draft neighbourhood plan and invite representations to be made.

The draft plan and details on how to comment can be found on the Neighbourhood Planning page on the Borough Council’s website at

The consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 3 May 2021.

A copy of the plan and response forms have also been placed in the telephone box on Main Street (please follow Covid guidelines if you use this).

Following the consultation, the draft neighbourhood plan and all representations received will then be considered by an independent examiner.  This has to happen before the plan can be approved and a referendum on the plan held.

January 2021

The Parish Council has approved the Submission Version of the Neighbourhood Plan. This can be viewed at the link below.

Submission Plan v4f

September 2020

The results of the focused consultation are accessible via the link below.

result summary all responses (1)

Additional information

Housing Technical Note

Please click on the link above for further information regarding housing allocation from Colin Wilkinson – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Planning Consultant MRTPI
Planit-X Town and Country Planning Services Ltd

Please click on the link below to see the full report from AeCOM relating to the site allocation in the draft Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

Sean Barrett – former Company Director – Parish Councillor
Ivor Rowe – Chartered Engineer in the Medical Field
Tina Combellack – Borough Councillor
Neil Clarke – Borough Councillor and former Leader of Rushcliffe Borough Council
Sarah Bailey – Borough Councillor
Chris Cockayne – Retired Farmer
Colin Wilkinson – Planning Consultant
Elizabeth Beardsley – Planning Policy Officer
Tracey Prosser – Accountant – Parish Councillor

Focused Questionnaires to be completed by Aug 7th 2020.

Please refer to your green envelope or contact the Parish Clerk

200309 Illustrative Proposal Hickling Draft Final

Dear Neighbours


Here is your opportunity to view the Hickling (Pre-Submission) Draft Neighbourhood Plan. You have received a flyer with details of how to respond with comments and this is also shown below. There are buildings identified within the plan which you may have local knowledge about and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group would be grateful to receive additional information which you feel may be relevant .

Click on the link immediately below to view the Draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Hickling (Pre-Submission)Draft Neighbourhood Plan v7e

Questionnaire plus Data_All_(Data protected)

np flyer

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Survey Results Summary