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There But Not There

St. Luke’s Parish Church, Hickling.

Hickling is a small farming village just outside Melton Mowbray on the edge of the Vale of Belvoir and on the Grantham Canal. We have a rich and vibrant history which our new Local History Group is just beginning to get to grips with; one of our first projects (amid the national centenary commemorations) has been to research those from our village who died in the two World Wars.

Early on, it was decided to include both World Wars in our research; we are fortunate to have lost a relatively small number in these two wars (11 in total) but in a small community the impact of those losses reaches a long way.

In a few short weeks we raised funds to support the TBNT project with purchases of 11 silhouettes and one full-size Tommy figure. We have experimented with several locations for our Tommy but, at the time of writing, he is standing underneath a flowering cherry tree. We plan to move him around as events and seasons change. Our silhouettes will be on display in Church on May 4th 2018, July 7th & 8th 2018 (Open Churches), during Remembrance (every year) and when we re-run our play, ‘The Best Christmas Present in the World’ in December 2018.

We decided to collect our research in to a 2018 Commemoration Calendar with each page concentrating on the story of one of our fallen soldiers; these stories have brought reality to these commemorations. We commemorate not just the men who died but the families, friends and the community who lost them, too. We host the TBNT figures so that we remember but also in the hope that such memories may prevent such loss of life in the future.

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There But Not There – St. Luke’s Church, Hickling

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 May 2018



At 9.30 am, 29th April 2016, at Sycamore Lodge

PRESENT:  Carol Beadle, Maggie Jordan, Dorothy Chahal.

APOLOGIES:   Jane Fraser, John and Gill Bloor.


As at today’s date we have MINUS £1.12 mainly because the tax on the parcels received from Farmington was expensive.    Carol has given John Robinson, Treasurer of the village hall, a total of our finances as at 31 March 2016.   She will let members of the History Group have a copy.   (Note:   The Group comes under the umbrella of the Village Hall Committee, so John is kept up-to-date with our income and expenditure.    The coach trip to the National Coal Centre was a loss.   We needed to sell 6 more seats to break even.


FRED WARNER.   Carol Beadle sends the Hickling Standard and photos on a regular basis to the museum in Farmington.    She will write a report for the Hickling Standard which will include the latest on Farmington.   The report was discussed.  A box of Fred Warner artefacts are presently kept with Carol.  The red/white/blue decorations sent to us for Fred’s event are kept in the Village Hall and have been used for other functions.


Colston Bassett 20 June £4.   Meet at Martin’s Arms, Colston Bassett at 7pm.

Upper Broughton 1st September £4.  Meet 6.30pm at the Golden Fleece.

VISIT TO NATIONAL COALMINING EXHIBITION, WAKEFIELD ON 20 APRIL. This visit was thoroughly enjoyed but unfortunately there was a loss of £35.  

LACE TALK.    This was very well attended.   Amanda Briggs Goode, Head of Textile Design and Technology at Nottingham Trent talked about the history of Nottingham lace.   £4.

PHOTOS.   It was decided that this was a long-term project, but in the meantime the fact we are looking for old photos of residents and property, this will be included in the Standard report.    It was decided that we would also ask people for such photos, or copies.   They will be stored initially in a filing cabinet in Carol’s house, but  Jane will need to have access.   Discussion took place regarding the WW1 photo exhibiton  at Hoby.  They received lottery funding and their presentation was superb.   The organisers would help us.   However, Carol told us of various methods she has come across in different churches locally.

RECORDING HICKLING MEN WHO DIED IN BOTH WORLD WARS.    Dorothy to enquire about the war memorial INSIDE the village hall.   Would this be more suitable in the church now?   More information needed.   It was decided that a project regarding village men who died in the two World wars, or any other wars since, would be feasible this year.   Carol and Dorothy to obtain a list of the men written on the War Memorials OUTSIDE the village hall.   They and Maggie, or anyone else interested would research them.    Information areas would include name, address, rank, which war, which regiment, details of history during war, photos, details on next of kin, implications of death, usual occupation, plus anything else which is discovered.   Would the British Legion have information?    Presentation of the material found?    Different methods were discussed.    Churches seem to be the place where this information is usually found, but permission would have to be granted.    Some of the people listed may have already been researched by their families or they may hold important documents, eg Notice of Death from the War Office.    

CAROL’S LIST OF CHURCH GRAVES.   Several years ago Carol made a list of all the graves in the church graveyard.    Now what is needed is a map of where the numbered graves are, plus a cross-reference to the names so that the graves can easily be located by people searching for their ancestors.   These lists could be laminated and be accessible to any visitors.   The information could be kept on a future website.    Photos need to be taken of each grave before further deterioration takes place.   This information could go on the Website, Findagrave.    Carol hopes to complete this work in September when her friend Susan Sylke is visiting from America.   Susan helped Carol with the initial work.  The Wardens of the church will be asked for permission to carry out this task.


PARISH REGISTER.   Maggie Jordan has been busy transcribing the Parish Registers. To get them ready for general use (certainly to get them website ready), it will take a further 70 – 80 hours.     This information linked to other projects will be invaluable.

WEBSITE.   This is essential but will be looked at more next year.    We need to talk to Jane at some point re the excellent website she has produced, and also view the Elston History website which is up and running.    Elston give a ‘Welcome Pack’ to new people in their village, giving a history of the village, magazine plus other essential information.   Should we link up with the church with their welcome pack which is now given to newcomers to the village?   Dorothy will contact Andrew, the village website organiser, to ask if the History Group could have a slot on the Village website giving basic information.    The problem with a stand-alone History Group website is financing the purchase of one, and also the cost of maintaining it annually, around £60 pa.    Maintaining it is the biggest problem otherwise so much hard work would be lost if the website is not kept going.