St. Luke’s

St. Luke’s is the Parish Church of Hickling Parish. 

The PCC is responsible for all aspects of the building, finance and life of the church in the community.

It is part of the Benefice which includes 3 churches, Hickling, Kinoulton, and Upper Broughton.  Together we share our Associate Priest, Maggie Woodward, who lives in the rectory in Kinoulton.  She is part- time and works on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays.

If you would like to chat to Rev Maggie about a Christening, Wedding, Funeral or just need someone to listen, please call or drop her an email, details below.

Parish Contacts

Rev Maggie Woodward, The Rectory, 41 Main Street, Kinoulton, NG12 3EA

phone 01949 81183 maggie.woodward511@btinternet,com


Mrs Sheila Hill       phone 01949 81096

Mr Robert Jones     phone 01664 822916

Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Rachael Henson   phone 01949 81453

For service times please see our church website by following the links to Hickling St Luke in Nottinghamshire on the website A Church Near You.

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