St. Luke’s

St. Luke’s is the Parish Church of Hickling Parish.  The PCC is responsible for all aspects of the building, finance and life of the church in the community.

It is part of the benefice which includes 3 churches, Hickling, Kinoulton, and Upper Broughton.  Together we share our Associate Priest, Maggie Woodward, who lives in the rectory in Kinoulton.  She is part- time and works on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays.

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Easter at St Luke’s


Holy Week is the week before Easter Sunday and during that week there will be short services each evening around our three churches culminating on Maundy Thursday (29th March) with a service at Kinoulton Church where, following a service of Holy Communion, the altar will be stripped in preparation for Good Friday. Maundy Thursday is the time when Jesus had his Last Supper with his disciples before being betrayed by Judas Iscariot. It is also the day Her Majesty the Queen distributes the Maundy Money, a practice that started with King John in 1213 when he gave alms, or money, to the poor. This year the ceremony will be held in Leicester.


Good Friday 30th March

Good Friday is the day that, despite the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate being able to find no fault in Him, Jesus was crucified upon the Cross on Golgotha. To remind us of this journey and sacrifice Jesus undertook for us all, there will be a Walk of Faith from St Luke’s Church at Upper Broughton to St Luke’s at Hickling and then along the footpath to St Luke’s Kinoulton. There will be readings and Easter Hymns sung at each church and to ensure we don’t “pass out” along the way refreshments will be served at each church: soup and a roll at Hickling and Hot Cross Buns at Kinoulton.  The walk starts at 12.00noon at Upper Broughton Church and will conclude at Kinoulton Church with a time of silent reflection.

We extend a very warm invitation to everyone to come along and join with us for part, or all, of our walk.

Easter Day: Sunday 1st April

In the Christian calendar Easter Day is remembered at the day Jesus rose from the tomb after his crucifixion. It is perhaps the most important event in the church year and at least equal to Christmas Day.

There will be a service of Holy Communion at 9.15am at St Luke’s Upper Broughton followed by an All Age Family Service at 11.00am at St Luke’s Kinoulton, where I am sure there will be an Easter Egg hunt for the children.


May I on behalf of all the congregations of all three Churches of St Luke, wish you all a very Happy and Blessed Easter.


Rev Maggie


Date Kinoulton Hickling Upper Broughton
March 29


7.00pm Holy Communion and stripping of the Altar (no service) (no service)
March 30

Good Friday

12.00 Noon  Walk of Faith leaving Upper Broughton Church

walking to Hickling and then on to Kinoulton

April 1

Easter Sunday

11.00am All Age Family


(no service) 9.15am Holy Communion
April 8 11.00am Morning Prayer 9.15am Holy Communion 10.00am All Age Family


April 15 9.15am Holy Communion 11.00am All Age Family


11.00am Morning Prayer
April 22 11.00am All Age Family


 6.30pm Holy Communion 9.15am Holy Communion
April 29 (no service) 10.00am Holy Communion

Mission Partnership Service

(no service)
May 6


9.15am Holy Communion 6.30pm Evensong BCP 11.00am Rogationtide

Holy Communion

May 10 Thursday

Ascension Day

7.00pm Holy Communion (no service) (no service)
May 13 11.00am Morning Prayer 9.15am Holy Communion 10.00am All Age

Family Worship

May 20

Whit Sunday

9.15am Holy Communion 11.00am All Age Worship

Family Service

11.00am Morning Prayer
May 27

Trinity Sunday

11.00am All Age Worship

Family Service

 6.30pm Holy Communion 9.15am Holy Communion

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