Hickling Neighbourhood Watch

Would you like to be kept informed of local crime and work together to keep your community safe?

Hickling and Hickling Pastures is now part of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch – NottsWatch, which works closely with local police teams to prevent and detect crime. Criminals are put off by Neighbourhood Watch areas because they know people are actively determined to prevent crime and may be more vigilant than in other areas.

Being part of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme means that you will be kept informed of local crime that may affect you. This extra knowledge allows you to take immediate action if you see anything suspicious. By sharing details of suspicious activity, it also helps your local officers to prevent crime or target criminals.

If you would like to join our new scheme and receive information about the Hickling and Hickling Pastures Neighbourhood Watch scheme, including information about local crime that might affect you, please email our local coordinator Tracey Prosser at


If you require a door / window sticker, please let Tracey know & she’ll drop one through your door!