Proposed development on Main Street / Long Lane (20/00619/FUL)

The proposed development is significant for the village and we encourage residents to view the application and comment online via the Rushcliffe Borough Council website.

As residents immediately impacted by the development we wanted to share some of our thoughts:

  • We are in favour of demolition of the existing site and some development of the plot for smaller houses.
  • We feel the proposal for five 2-story houses is overdevelopment of the plot, and would have a significant impact on the visual amenity and tranquillity of Long Lane.
  • The proximity and height of the proposed houses at 7 metres will dwarf existing properties, the highest of which is 5 metres.
  • With 4 front doors on Long Lane, there will be increased traffic for deliveries, shopping and visitors on the gravel lane.
  • With 10 additional cars having access on Main Street there will be more traffic at an already congested part of the village.


Please take the time to review the plans and share your views via our Parish Council and online


Thank you

Jim and Mary Murray, Elizabeth and Andrew Whitney, Peter and Judith Harrison, Emma and Steve Green, Eileen and Ron Nash