Nevile News Winter

NEVILE NEWS – Winter 2017
Hickling, Upper Broughton, Hickling Pastures, Kinoulton, Owthorpe, Colston Bassett and Langar.
Councillors News


Progress is being made in the three villages that are currently undergoing Neighbourhood Planning Colston Bassett, Hickling and Upper Broughton. The process is bringing some interesting issues to light.
We have experienced some very difficult planning applications in the Ward just recently highlighting the possible benefits of Neighbourhood planning. With the development of the allocated 300 houses across the border in the villages under Melton District Council, there will be pressure on service and road in the Nevile Ward villages.

England has slipped unnoticed into a state of deforestation according to the Woodland Trust. Tree planting in England has been in slow decline since the 1990s.
Rushcliffe has far fewer trees than any other Borough in the County. As Chairman of Community Development I am looking at ways of increasing our tree planting – getting funding, searching out grants and finding ways of working with Developers and local land owners, including the County Council, to make sure we keep Rushcliffe Green. I would love to see avenues of trees planted at entrances to all our villages, but for the moment that is just a vision. I am sure you know that if you live in a Conservation village you need permission to prune or fell a tree. In many cases it is unfortunately necessary to fell trees which have become too big however it is always good to replant a tree for everyone knocked down in order to continue to provide the lungs of the community. Trees bring enormous health and social benefits.



With the aftermath of autumn and the on set of winter please report any blocked gullies to the Council using the website or customer service centre.
0115 981 9911 – . The Rushcliffe online process will take you through the following – select A-Z Blocked drains – Highway problems – road maintenance – flooding and drainage then place the pin on the map locating the blocked gullies. Lets try and prevent potential problems this winter.


Still not getting those enhanced speeds?
My Community Development group will be having a further presentation from Nottingham County Council re the supposed roll out of Broadband.
Please, please let me know if you are still experiencing problems. Let me have you name, address and postcode, your current speeds and preferably your supplier. Remember you will not automatically get enhanced speeds unless you apply to upgrade with your supplier.


In 1902 Radcliffe Road in Rushcliffe became the first tarmacked road in the world thanks to Edgar Hooley, the then Nottinghamshire County Surveyor. In 1901, Edgar Purnell Hooley was walking in Denby, Derbyshire when he noticed a smooth stretch of road close to an ironworks. He was informed that a barrel of tar had fallen onto the road, and someone poured on waste slag from the local furnace to cover up the mess.  Hooley noticed this unintentional resurfacing had solidified the road, and there was no rutting and no dust. As a result he formed Tar Macadam Syndicate Ltd., and marketed the process. The company later became the company we now know as Tarmac Ltd.

I am going to try and pass on interesting facts, particularly about Rushcliffe and the Nevile Ward villages in my regular Newsletters. If you have any local or historical facts you would like to share please contact me at
01664 823105

Don’t forget you can contact me about local parish issues or any planning application, which is causing concern.

Can’t quite believe it, but have a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.